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Introduction to ANSYS Additive Print - Rapid Pre-print Simulation for Metals
February, 21 2018
11:00 AM (Eastern Time Zone)
The new ANSYS Additive Print product eliminates the guesswork and hours of wasted time in additive manufacturing (AM). This easy-to-use, powerful stand-alone solution is essential for AM operators and designers who need to build parts right the first time. Attend this webinar to learn how you can become more productive in your metal additive manufacturing process in just 1-2 days with Additive Print, which gives you the ability to predict: --- The final shape of the printed part --- Layer-by-layer distortion and stress --- Optimal support structures --- Potential blade crash --- See how Additive Print can easily auto-correct your STL files to account for unwanted distortions and print the required shape that is up to your specifications, eliminating trial and error. Why use ANSYS Additive Print? --- Reduce physical trial-and-error experiments --- Mitigate uncertainty --- Design geometries for more accurate printing --- Accelerate production --- Gain confidence in prices quoted to customers --- Reduce build failures for laser powder bed fusion
1 hour