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ANSYS Webinar: Nonlinear Analysis of Incompressible Material like Rubber using ANSYS
June, 27 2017
02:00 AM (Eastern Time Zone)
Often analysis working with material with in-compressible behavior like rubber or metal plasticity face challenges in either converging the FEA run or selecting the appropriate element or setting suitable solver parameters. Nearly in-compressible and Fully in-compressible materials present numerical difficulties and they also exhibit overly stiff behavior and are handled mathematically differently. The objectives of this webinar are: -- To uncover the physical and mathematical challenges in dealing with in-compressible behavior of the materials. -- To understand different locking behavior of the finite elements that shall make simulation results in question. -- To discuss different element formulation that help to address the numerical challenges to get reliable simulation results. This webinar will present the powerful simulation capabilities for in-compressible materials within ANSYS and will discuss following topics. -- Basics of stress -- Metal Vs Rubber -- Locking that makes regular FEM to fail -- Overcoming locking with different Element formulations --- Presenter: Santhosh M ---
1 hour